Our priority is to provide a solution with safety at utmost priority. With our experience, skills, expertise and understanding of systems in the field of electrical design, we have executed a lot of design studies for various clients. Kluger Dart has a team of experienced electrical engineers, designers & consultants who can provide cost-effective and high-quality solutions.

The Deliverables:
We offer customized design services as per the client’s requirement, as follows:
  • Electrical single line diagram and Schematics
  • HT & LT panel and distribution network design
  • Calculation of sizing of transformers, switchgear and other electrical equipment
  • Electrical site plan and layouts
  • Lightning system design documents
  • Installation drawings
  • Cable sizing calculations and cable schedule
  • Cable tray layouts
  • Bus trunking system design
  • Lighting design for indoor and outdoor facilities, lux level recommendations as per industrial codes.
  • Earthing system design calculations and earthing layouts.
  • Green energy generation (solar or wind) feasibility report.
  • Electrical load estimation
  • Bill of material (BOQ) and bill of material

We offer customised design services as per the client’s requirement, as follows:

Industrial Standards:

  • IEC standards such as IEC 60038, EC 60051, IEC 60076, IEC 60364 and many more.
  • NEC standards such as NFPA 70E
  • ISO standards
  • IEEE standards
  • ANSI standards

Industry Covered:

    • Power Plants/Power stations/Substations
    • Refineries
    • Commercial buildings/Offices/R&D centres
    • Commercial spaces/ Shopping complex
    • Production units
    • Warehousing
    • Public establishments