Preparation of civil layout for RCC, Steel and Masonry Structures in different perspective such as isometric – view, elevation, plan – view etc. Preparation of structural drawings of members like foundation, shear wall, pavement, column, beam & slab that contains reinforcement details, cutting length, welding details, joint locations, clear cover etc. All designs are prepared as per governing standards that includes but not limited to IS 456: 2000, IS 800: 2007, IS 1893:1984, IS 4326:2013, IS 13828:1993, IS 13920:1993, IS 875:1987 and NBC 2016.


PEB Designing includes soil testing, structural designing for foundations and super structure, selection of appropriate lightweight members for super structure, estimation of quantity of construction material etc. Due consideration is given for seismic loads and wind loads acting on structures.
Civil & Structural designing involves following steps:
  1. Soil testing and data collection of terrain, topography at the site.
  2. Preparation of preliminary plan of structure.
  3. Load calculation of structure with considering all forces such as self –weight, load of goods/ occupants, vibration load of machines (if any), wind load and earthquake load during the calculation.
  4. Selection of structural members i.e. columns, beams, slabs, foundation etc. such that all acting loads are safely transferred to the foundation.
  5. Detailing of structural drawings and civil layout and final architectural plan.